Any Suggestions Improv
About Us

About Us

We can go anywhere, just give us a suggestion!

Any Suggestions Improv is made up of highly experienced actors, comedians, musicians and technicians that have been performing as a troupe since 2016.

Formed from alumni of the University of York, the group has gone on to become one of the country’s most renowned improv comedy teams, with rave reviews from multiple outlets.

They’re best known for their smash hit Any Suggestions, Doctor? The Improvised Doctor Who Parody in which audiences are whisked around the universe in brand new Doctor Who episodes made up entirely on the spot.

They have also created the horror anthology show Suggestions of the Unexpected, an improvised selection of twisted tales crafted from your deepest fears and desires…

Deeply rooted in the belief that improvised theatre is a wonderful way to create unique and exciting stories, Any Suggestions Improv not only produces shows but also teaches improv, for both the creatives looking to get into the scene and to people looking to gain confidence and empathy as part of their skill set.