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Broadway World

Broadway World

Any Suggestions, Doctor? is an excellent Fringe choice for Whovians young and old.

Broadway Baby

Broadway Baby

It’s funny, fast paced, and even manages to fit in a moral at the end. I’m sure the Doctor would approve.

British Comedy Guide

Any Suggestions Improv have taken a well-loved family staple and melded it with a talented cast, sharp improv skills and a slick live soundscape to create an enjoyable hour for all ages. 

Fairy Powered Productions

Fairy Powered Productions

Well worth a visit if you like Doctor Who and comedy.



If you love Doctor Who I’m sure you’ve already marked this out and you won’t be disappointed one bit.

Albiemedia yellow logo

Albie Media

If all improv was as good, as funny, as clever and as well executed as this, the universe itself would be a happier place. […]

[…] go and see the best improv team in space and time while you can.

Comedy to Watch

You don’t have to be a Doctor Who fan to enjoy this show at all, as long as you enjoy laughing, and laughing a lot, you’ll have a ball time travelling with this crew.

a dork in york logo

A Dork in York

The clear Dr Who superfan sitting in front of us was LIVING for some of the jokes, and it was a true delight to watch. […]

[…] All in all, a fun and energetic improv adventure that makes a great family show.



The Barry Awards – Best Show


Fairy Powered Productions – Best Improv Show