Meet the Team

Lewis Dunn

The original producer for the troupe, Lewis has been performing comedy since he was 18 years old, and has obtained a number of accolades in his own right. His stand up comedy character Stanley Brooks has been a runner up in the Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian Award 2016 and The Great Yorkshire Fringe New Act of the Year 2016. He’s also written several comic plays and pantomimes, including one man show The Diary of Thomas Pooler, comic tragedies BlackOut and Show Offs, and the adventurous pantomime The Three Musketeers. He’s recently released a series of monologue podcasts called Presented in Mono.

Charles Deane

The director of the troupe, Charles has been performing comedy for over 7 years, and has worked on shows that include The Clandestine Sketch Show, The Room: The Musical and the BBC’s Newsjack. His heart has always been with improvised shows ever since he joined, and then subsequently directed The Shambles, and he delights in the studying of the form. He is greatly inspired by Showstopper! The Improvised Musical, and often views them multiple times in any fringe run.

Louise Jones

Louise is a comedian, writer, actor and hair icon. Parody is her forte, from performing in the (officially licensed!) 2015 show The Room The Musical to writing Hallmark-film send up Channel 5 Seasonal Movie. She has written for publications including Exeunt, Fest, Threeweeks and A Younger Theatre. Her movie blog An [insert here] of Christmas was a finalist in the UK Blog Award in 2016. Louise loves joining Joanna Lumley and Jodie Whittaker in the (admittedly limited) line-up of female Doctors.

Harry Whittaker

Harry’s voice can currently be heard across the North of England on Minster FM’s Drivetime Show. His degree in Writing, Directing & Performance from the University of York has stood him in excellent stead for playing characters, from Daleks to sentient clouds of gas, which he regards as £27,000 well spent. Outside of Any Suggestions, Harry is proud to be part of the Mind Over Matter Theatre Collective, whose show On Ego won national critical acclaim in 2016. Thanks to his big nerdy father, Harry is also the most knowledgeable in the troupe about Doctor Who, and is often first to spot an obscure reference.

Matthew Stallworthy

One of the troupe’s most diverse performers, Matthew has won awards for his screenplay writing, with his short film Lucky Chicken having been shown in film festivals around the world to great critical acclaim. His work on stage has also seen him produce and host his astonishingly impressive cabaret/club night Lip Sync Lollapalooza, featuring celebrity guest acts and championing new talent. He is the producer and “Haus Mother” of drag supergroup Haus of Dench, and his drag persona of “Crudi Dench” is beloved within the northern drag circuit. His highly absurd sense of humour is shared with his comedy partner James Gamblin, whom he performs with under the moniker of Jamworthy.

James Gamblin

A former director of The Shambles and one half of the comedic duo Jamworthy (alongside Matthew Stallworthy), James is adaptive and incredibly fun performer. His skills don’t just lie in comedy, however, with his musical talent putting him to work as part of the band in The Room: The Musical (on, of all the unlikely instruments, a melodica). He has also performed in fellow troupe member’s shows, including Channel 5 Seasonal Movie and The Three Musketeers.

Alexander Rushfirth

Alex is an incredibly talented musician, with a huge array of musical instruments he brings to every show, alongside his impressive loops and samples work. His surreal comedy style and abstarct music bring an element of both hilarious absurdity and atmospheric menance to every episode.